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Five Steps to Feel What God Feels by John Piper

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Five Steps to Feel What God Feels by John Piper

Christians are comfortable with commands to act: “Feed the poor.” “Care for widows and orphans.” “Don’t steal.” “Provide for your family.” They may be difficult; we may not want to obey them. But at least we understand commands to act.

But how do we obey commands to feel? I don’t feel like loving my enemy. I don’t feel humble in my work, or cheerful in my giving, or sympathetic to the shortcomings of other believers. And yet, the Bible everywhere commands that we feel certain ways. So how do we obey the commands to feel if they seem out of our power?

In this video, John Piper explains five steps that the Bible says are necessary to obey commands to feel, such as the commands in 1 Peter 3:8–9. Christians must:

  1. Repent
  2. Resort to Christ
  3. Request Change from God
  4. Relish Some Sweet Word (Trust)
  5. Resolve to Feel

Passages throughout the book of 1 Peter root each of these steps and give firm foundation to the hope that we can feel rightly as God commands us. As Piper expounds these passages, see for yourself what it means to obey God with our feelings.



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