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How To Pray Like JESUS

How To Pray Like JESUS

Have you ever caught yourself mid-prayer wondering if you’re even doing it right? Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. teaches us that there's so much more to prayer than simply talking to God. There's a certain approach we must take in order to show God the honor that he deserves. We must learn to praise before we petition. In Luke 11, Jesus demonstrates that in order to pray effectively we should first connect with God relationally and declare his greatness. Next we must submit our will and recognize that his plans are so much higher than anything we could ever imagine. We must also recognize that while in pursuit of his will, we need to become completely dependent on him. To grow dependent on him means that we acknowledge our need for his grace, and we must also extend this same grace to others. Only after all of this, may we present our requests to God, and petition our desires.

via Rich Wilkerson Jr.

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