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Muhammad Ali giving an inspirational speech.

Muhammad Ali giving an inspirational speech.

Muhammad Ali inspired me in so many ways and yet I grew up long after he had stopped boxing. That is simply a reflection of how much of a legacy he had built. Like anyone who has ever truly lived their truth and served their full purpose on Earth, Muhammad Ali’s legacy will never be forgotten, he made such an impact on the world and my life.

“I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.” – Muhammad Ali, January 17, 1942 – June 3, 2016

As Founders of Pray we want to inspire the world to be great. We want to change the mentality of everyone following our brand. So from day to day we will be posting some of our favorite, motivational and inspirational content that we feel has inspired us. Remember, all in God's will!

Keep Focus and God Bless!

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